Performance Accountability

Is the Performance Accountability service right for you?

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It’s hard to do your job well when you’re not sure what your job entails.

That’s where Performance Accountability comes in — the science of getting you, your managers, and your employees on the same page. Through this service, you’ll learn best practices for evaluating performance, giving feedback, and chartering a developmental plan for your employee.

Why Performance Accountability works

Our Performance Accountability package builds a strong, easy-to-use framework for providing feedback by taking a deep dive into employee performance. We work closely with your company to build a custom evaluation system that works for you.

We collect performance data, show you how to analyze it, and guide you as you put this new knowledge into action. We keep your manager in the driver’s seat and provide all the resources they need to succeed in performance evaluations.

The four phases of the Performance Accountability Method

Phase One

First, we’ll work with you to define Dynamic Performance Metrics for this role. What are the key responsibilities of this role? How does this role contribute to your company’s mission or growth?

Phase Two

Second, we observe your team member’s duties and performance over three to six months. This data helps us fine-tune the Dynamic Performance Metrics for this role and understand your employee’s day-to-day responsibilities, challenges, and stressors.

Phase Three

Third, we’ll guide you as you complete the Performance Review for this employee. This process will either grow your employee’s engagement and set goals for their career development, or start the process to move this person out of the role. You’ll learn best practices for evaluating performance, giving feedback, and chartering a developmental plan for your employee.

Phase Four

Fourth, we’ll undertake a post-evaluation review. We guide you through next steps for this employee and supply resources to support them. We provide a variety of resources to support your employees post-evaluation — no matter what their journey looks like going forward.

The Performance Accountability details

Who this is for: Our expertise shines in moving companies to the next phase of organized, sustainable growth. Performance Accountability services are designed for businesses with between five and thirty employees and yearly generated revenue between $1 million and $25 million.

If the Performance Accountability package is not quite the right fit for your company yet, consider taking the Hire Right Method Course to implement a standardized and efficient hiring, training and retention methodology as you grow.

Timeline: One month to define Dynamic Performance Metrics, four months to track metrics and three weeks to complete the performance review process with your manager, depending on the role. Multiple roles may be handled simultaneously during this period.

Location: No matter where your company is located, I can guide you through the steps of this method remotely. On-site consultation is available — ask us about it.

Deliverables: You’ll receive industry-leading analysis of the role, Dynamic Performance Metrics and explanatory materials, and a 3D Performance Review Template. We’ll also train the person who handles performance management at your organization and oversee their first evaluation under the new custom system we create.

Cost: $4,500 for two roles, $6,075 for three roles, or $8,000 for four roles.

Payment Terms: Prepaid and non-refundable.