Optimize Performance

Optimize Performance

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Where our Hire Right service is for bringing on new team members, Optimize Performance is for your existing team.

Do you currently have someone on your team who’s underperforming? Do you struggle with giving feedback on poor performance? Would it help to have documented performance objectives and expectations for each role?

Building a right-fit team starts with clear performance expectations. Optimize Performance helps set strong performance objectives for your employees — allowing them to step up, or step out.

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Why Optimize Performance works

Growth is only possible with a strong team. Optimize Performance helps retain the right people as roles in your company evolve. This process harmonizes the goals of each position with your company’s plan for growth, streamlining priorities across your organization. We also provide clear guidelines for analyzing and adjusting employee performance to fit the role you need.

At its core, our Optimize Performance service crafts a three-dimensional job description out of the job’s existing to-do list. We define what success looks like for this role, and then we create Dynamic Performance Objectives to get you and your employee on the same page.

The four phases of Optimize Performance

Phase One

First, schedule a 25-minute consultation call. We’ll speak briefly about your situation and whether or not Optimize Performance is a good fit for your organization.

Phase Two

Second, we’ll get to work on defining the 8 Performance Objectives for the role you’re defining or redefining. These objectives are tied directly to your business goals and empower your employee to excel at their job.

Phase Three

Third, we’ll use these performance objectives to build a detailed Role Impact Report. This report details the impact this role has on your business, the role’s deliverables, and what success looks like in this role. Next, we’ll use these key data points to define easy-to-measure performance metrics.

Phase Four

Fourth, we’ll develop and provide you with a performance-based 3D Job Description for this role. We’ll also generate a Training Checklist to guide your employee as they fulfill this role, which will guide them in training a successor should they change roles or exit the company.

Optimize Performance also provides the perfect jumping-off point for conducting straightforward and meaningful performance reviews.

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The Optimize Performance Details

Who this is for: Our expertise shines in moving companies to the next phase of organized, sustainable growth. Hire Right services are designed for businesses with between five and thirty employees and yearly generated revenue between $1 million and $25 million.

If the Optimize Performance package is not quite the right fit for your company yet, consider taking the Hire Right Method Course to implement a standardized and efficient methodology for hiring, training, and retaining excellent staff as you grow.

Timeline: The Optimize Performance process takes approximately one month per role. Contact us for a more detailed quote for multiple roles. 

Location: No matter where your company is located, I can guide you through the steps of this method remotely. On-site consultation is available — ask us about it.

Deliverables: You’ll receive an industry-leading analysis of the role, a 3D Job Description, four key performance metrics, a workload time-management tool for employees, and a customized training checklist for each role.

Cost: The $2,500 fee is assigned per role. The fee remains the same whether you have one or twenty-five people in this particular role.

Payment Terms: Prepaid and non-refundable.