Hire Right

Which Hire Right package is right for you?

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Hire Right

…is a jump-start service for businesses frustrated with hiring. We’ll guide you through the process of strategically investing time and money to hire the right people for key roles. This holistic approach attracts top candidates and helps you conduct evidence-based interviews to identify high performers and hire the right person.

Read more about the difference between Hire Right Classic and Hire Right Premium.

Why Hire Right works

The Hire Right process helps you discover exactly who you need in this role by defining role responsibilities more clearly and putting everything in place to efficiently vet candidates. In particular, this process weeds out people who look good on paper… but don’t perform in reality. Serious candidates will be impressed with your smooth recruitment process — and word of mouth travels fast, leaving you with a great reputation among quality job seekers.

The four phases of the Hire Right Method

Phase One

First, schedule a 25-minute consultation call.  We’ll speak briefly about your situation and discuss if Hire Right is a good fit. We’ll also consider whether Hire Right Classic or Hire Right Premium is right for you. 

Phase Two

Second, we’ll get to work on defining the 8 Performance Objectives for the role you need to fill. We tie these objectives directly to your business goals to empower your employee to excel at their job. If this sounds helpful for your existing employees, check out our Optimize Performance services to see how we apply this process to existing roles.

Phase Three

Third, we’ll create your Hiring Machine™ by developing custom resources that fit your hiring process:

These custom resources set you up for success, both now and in the future.

Phase Four

Fourth, you’ll complete the Evidence-Based Interview Training module together. Next, we’ll review two of your interviews and help you find your right-fit candidate. We’ll customize your Job Offer Letter Template until it’s exactly right, and I’ll guide you on communicating with your candidate and securing them for your team.

The Hire Right details

Who is this for: Our expertise shines in moving companies to the next phase of organized, sustainable growth. Hire Right services are designed for businesses with between five and thirty employees and yearly generated revenue between $1 million and $25 million.

If the Hire Right packages are not quite the right fit for your company yet, consider taking The Hire Right Method Course to implement efficient hiring, training, and retention methodology as you grow.

Timeline: Finding the right candidate can happen in two weeks, or take as long as two months. You retain our support for up to three months with this package.

Location: No matter where your company is located, I can guide you through the steps of this method remotely. On-site consultation is available — ask us about it.

Deliverables: You’ll receive tailored training sessions, templates and guidance for your Hiring Machine resources, and clear directions on implementing each step of the Hire Right process.

Cost: $3,000–$5,000 per role. This fee remains the same whether you are hiring one, five, or twenty-five people for this role.

Payment Terms: Prepaid and non-refundable.