Taking hiring from headache to joy

Like you, I’ve been in the pressure cooker of running a business. When I started, hiring and keeping staff was my biggest frustration — it cost me revenue, growth opportunities, and peace of mind. 

It was only with research, hard work, and a polished system that hiring became a complete joy. Now I want to help you find that joy, too.

The right staff helps you grow

Your decision to grow is based on your confidence in hiring. Without the right people, growth can feel impossible. In contrast, the right team players are rocket fuel for your business. 

Let’s hire a team of top performers and give you the tools you need to turn them into the invested employees you deserve. I train you to train your staff, so you can use the same process for hiring, training, and performance reviews every time your business grows.

Empower yourself

The right employees provide a vital foundation for growth. If your people clearly love working with you, your clients know they’ll love working with you too. 

I want to empower you to hire and train more efficiently. By the time we’re done, you’ll be so confident in your team that growing your business will seem easy.

The Hire Right Method

I created The Hire Right Method out of desperation — when I lost three of my top employees on the same day to a competitor, I knew something had to change. 

I went all-in on learning everything I could about hiring, training, and retaining the right people. I read books, took courses, invested in advisors, dove back into skills from my Masters of Writing and 30-year teaching career, and formulated the methodology that became my Hire Right Method. 

With this methodology, I built my private swim school, The Aqua Life Swim Academy, from just one employee — me! — into a team of four full-time staff and 28 swim instructors. 

I'm Stephanie Rainey

Hi, I’m Stephanie. I’m a mom of four, a long-distance open-water swimmer, and a seasoned business owner who has successfully built three businesses. I’m relentless, creative, and someone who loves sinking their teeth into a problem. 

When I started The Aqua Life, I had an eleven-year plan. Locking down the process of my Hire Right Method changed that plan completely, and I sold my swim school after just seven years — a full four years ahead of schedule.

Benefit from my research

Once I learned how to find, hire, and retain people with the skills and enthusiasm I needed, my business grew faster than I thought possible. I want you to benefit from this work, too — because why reinvent the wheel when I can show you exactly how it’s done?

Let’s translate your big vision into day-to-day expectations, performance metrics, and strategic development. These powerful frameworks bring your vision to life. 

Together, we’ll supercharge your team and get your business growth back on track. Book a 25-minute consultation with me today, or learn more about my self-directed Hire Right Method Course.